FV Kiel


Förderverein GVZ Kiel e.V.

Norwegenkai 1

24143 Kiel

Web:  www.gvz-kiel.de


As the farthest southwestern ferry port in the Baltic Sea, Kiel affords short and quick connections to the trans-European traffic networks which connect Kiel to the continental European centers in the hinterland. Thus the harbor and logistics location of Kiel also qualifies as a turntable for cargo flows to and from Finland or Denmark


Gross: over 270 ha of trimodal commercial space

Net: 11 locations ( 8 in FV Kiel)

A 21    via B 502 

A 15    via B 502 

A7       via B 502 

B 502 direct

B 503 direct

B 76   direct

  • intermodal terminal
  • rail siding

Part of the FV.

FV is a seaport on the Baltic Sea accessible without restrictions by inland waterway vessels.


Airport Kiel-Holtenau

15 km