Welcome to Deutsche GVZ-Gesellschaft mbH

Deutsche GVZ-Gesellschaft mbH (DGG) supports the cooperation of Freight Villages (GVZ). The target is to transfer the positive effects which GVZ generate on local and regional level to the national and European level. Typical fields of collaboration are


  • Intermodal transport (new transport chains between GVZ)
  • Implementation of a logistics-oriented service spectrum in GVZ
  • Intensification of GVZ location marketing and harmonisation of service standards
  • Development of sustainable models for development and operation of GVZ.

The basic motivation for founding DGG in 1993 was the creation of a roof organisation which represents the common interests of GVZ developers. DGG functions as a communication platform for exchange of experiences for service structures and development concepts in German and European Freight Villages.


DGG is active in national and international research and consulting projects, for example in establishment of Freight Villages in the new member states of the European Union.


DGG is registered in Bremen and is managed by two managing directorsSince 1998 one more office has been located in the premises of LUB Consulting GmbH in Dresden.