Advantages of Freight Villages

Logistics as economic factor

  • Diversification of production processes and outsourcing tendencies in manunfacturing and trade require modern and innovative logistics structures which can be ideally implemented in Freight Villages.
  • Freight Villages provide medium sized companies with the chance to cope with the market requirements through cooperation with suitable partners.
  • Establishment of sufficient infrastructure and suprastructures as well as consolidation of logistics know how qualifies regions in the international competition of logistics locations.

Trend towards intermodality

  • Freight Villages as interfaces of transport modes provide optimum conditions for the establishment of intermodal transport chains.
  • The option of alternative transport modes improves entrepreneurial flexibility and guarantees the quality of logistics services.
  • Rail and inland waterway participate from growth of the freight market through proximity of logistics service providers and intermodal terminals.

Advantage through synergies

  • The high logistics affinity of road haulage is effectively combined with the advantages of other transport modes.
  • The typical mixture of companies and the logistics-oriented service spectrum in Freight Villages provide suitable conditions for development of new business opportunities.
  • The Freight Village management supports the tenant companies through competent support for implementation of new service product ideas.
  • Direct cost savings are achieved by cooperative purchase and pooling of resources in Freight Villages.

Networking of logistics structures

  • The term "Freight Village" is not only related to reduction of freight traffic or modal shift but also refers to the adaption of infrastructure and suprastructures to the future requirements of the logistics market.
  • The total benefit of one singular Freight Village can not only be measured in an isolated way but increases with the number of additonal Freight Village locations which cooperate on various levels.
  • The networking of Freight Villages supports efficient economic and transport cycles and stabilises the competitiveness of the participating companies.